"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention,
sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution;
It represents the wise choice of many alternatives."

~ Willa A. Foster~

Hello! And welcome to our puppy page, where you can find information (below)
regarding our planned litters, here at ERAS.
I'd love to hear from you, if you
have questions of interest regarding the adorable iDoodle pups!
Some may like to call them Havapoos,
but we prefer iDoodles. So much cuter. :)
We are proud to offer great families wonderful, happy, outgoing, adorable
and healthy puppies.

If you are interested in one of our adorable and sweet iDoodle pups,
please give me a call or email me. (information above on the banner).

About an ERAS Pup:

We have been involved in breeding and raising the finest puppies possible for many years, and have earned
a wonderful reputation in the Chicagoland area
for our great puppies and our dedication to our puppies and to their families.
We have puppies all over the country, in fact.
We are happy to provide references, if needed, upon request.

Our Havana Silk Dogs/Havanese (the mothers) are health tested and come from a long line of health tested ancestors,
as well as mulitple champions. The toy poodle sires are also health screened
and have multiple champions behind them as well.
We are dedicated to producing puppies who are happy, well adjusted, beautiful and healthy!

Our pups are not 'cheap' because we put a lot of time, money and effort into
being able to provide a loving, healthy puppy for deserving families.
Plus we want families, who will be able to afford care for one of our pups, for their lifetime.
Our pups generally sell for $2000.
We are not 'back yard' breeders, but dedicated breeders who stand behind all of our puppies we sell.
All of our puppies come with a great health guarantee, (see below) which protects your investment.

I do offer a discount to all of my return puppy buyers,
so if you've bought a pup from me in the past, please mention that to me
(I'm not that old yet, and I bet I'll remember YOU!

As an owner of an ERAS puppy,
we will give you a full 2 YEAR health guarantee against genetic issues
(you won't get this kind of health guarantee by most any breeder!)
You are also provided with lifetime support for that puppy, if needed.
I'm not the kind of breeder who won't answer emails or phone calls
once you've left my driveway with your puppy.
Our puppies are our 'forever' grandpups and we love hearing about them over the years.
And if you have questions or concerns, I'm available to each one of you.
That's a huge undertaking and responsibility for me,
but I don't take my job as a breeder lightly.

Our puppies all go home, around 8- 9 weeks of age,
with a puppy book full of information and instructions for his care.
They also go home with a small 'stinky blankie" that has their mom's and litter-mates scent on it,
which helps to make them feel more at home the first couple of days in their new homes.
Puppies are also started on their vaccinations, wormed and given a checkup by our Vet, before going home.

We have established many long and great relationships and even friendships
with many of our puppy buyers over the years.
We LOVE getting updates and pictures
from our many great families who have adopted
one, two and even three of our pups over the years!
We get so many beautiful picture cards at Christmas
from so many of our 'grandpups' and their families
and we just LOVE that!

Each puppy is raised in our home, not in a kennel!
They are provided with love and attention
and a variety of stimulating toys and activities
to help them develop confidence and to satisfy
their normal curiosity and sense of adventure.

Our puppies are all started on
housebreaking while here with us.
(Plus, iDoodles are pretty easy to housebreak and train!)

To see some of our past iDoodle pictures, Click here.