A little food for thought: Since the late 1990's, until now, I have been a 'proud' show breeder of Havanese and then the Havana Silk Dog. Our Oliver was a multi-group winning Havanese who was ranked #5 in AKC in 2005! We produced many championed Havanese and Silk Dogs over the years. While temperament and health was always our number one priority, I was always consciously aware of producing the 'prettiest' and most conformationally correct pups, according to their breed standard. I did selective line breeding over the years to lock in type and coats and other things I wanted in my dogs. All good show breeders do line breeding. Even if I wasn't wanting to keep a show prospect puppy from any given litter, for my own show and breeding program, it was always in the back of my mind to produce the best looking pups I could. I'm proud to say that our pups were generally very consistent in size, shape and make and some people could even 'spot' an ERAS dog in the show ring. In the show world, along with winning the ribbons, that was a mark of success!

Making that perfect show dog is the goal of every single show breeder. As with most people, your goals can and do change over the years. I no longer care about 'winning' in the show ring. Been there... done that and while it was fun for a time, I think I've 'grown' since those days and therefore my goals have changed.

We've always done our best to produce the healthiest puppies we possibly can. That's why we've always health tested our breeding dogs. But... If health testing breeding dogs, before they are bred was enough, we would not have found ourselves in this serious situation of producing some puppies that seem to have a weakened immune system (most likely from our small gene pool and not a strong diversity of genes to choose from) I wish I'd known the things I know now, years ago, but I pray all the puppies we've sold over the years will still live a wonderful, healthy life! We did our VERY BEST! They are my 'grandpups' and Steve and I care about each and every one of them. And again, to quote Oprah, "When you know better... you do better." (That is such a great quote that originally came from Maya Angelou).

By opening up our gene pool, in our breeding program, we are going to be DOING better!

As breeders, Steve and I feel it is our JOB to keep our eyes and our minds open to new information, new science regarding dogs, and research in an effort to continue to be GOOD breeders. The Havanese can have some serious health issues. We walked away to form the Havana Silk Dog Association of America in an effort to NEVER breed another Havanese with chondrodysplasia (dwarfism). But now with an even smaller gene pool with the Havana Silk Dogs, we are going one step further to be able to produce a truly quality pet for wonderful families. Small, portable, friendly, intelligent and hypoallergenic puppies and dogs are the perfect combination for most families. A small dog with a big dog attitude!

And it is also our job, as breeders, to NEVER break anyone's heart by the puppies we are putting on the ground. All our puppies, now, will have that great hybrid vigor. Do a little research yourself on hybrid vitality and/or vigor . It's very exciting and very promising, as all families that love dogs, who invest in their family dog with money, time, emotional attachment and love, WANT their puppy and their dog to live a long healthy life. We are simply trying to give our pups the best start we can.

We are loving our little iDoodle pups and we know you will too. They are such a great family pet! This new breed is intelligent and from all reports, has been easy to housebreak.
They have a great sense of humor, have a high rate of trainability and love being part of a loving family.

Some iDoodles have a straighter coat, much like the Havana Silk Dog, and some have more curls. Most pet owners will keep a long haired breed/pet in a cute puppy coat anyway, and either coat type is easy to manage if in a puppy clip. They ALL have better fronts, shorter backs (yay!) and are just more compact and more pleasing to the eye. I've always disliked the LONG backed Havanese and Havana Silk Dogs and my personal preference has ALWAYS been for the shorter backed dogs, because they are simply better looking! I'm so excited to know that wobbly fronts and long backs seemed to have been corrected in the first generation. Wow!

The puppies are adorable in looks and in temperament!

We have many happy iDoodle owners and we are really pleased with the results of our efforts t o breed a more robust, healthier puppy. Give me a call or send me an email, if you are interested in getting our on puppy list. As always, our pups are guaranteed!