About Us...

Our family is headed by Steve, a wonderful husband and father and Margie a wonderful wife and mother (grin!) We have 3 fantastic kids that we are so proud of: Erin, our oldest, a daughter, and Ryan and Adam our boys. We also have a beautiful daughter-in-law, Christine, who is married to Ryan, and the greatest blessing of all, our gorgeous granddaughters, Clark & Maureen and our precious grandson, Ashely, from Ryan and Christine.

ERAS stands for E (Erin) R (Ryan) A (Adam) S (Staniszeski); our kids, which has been our 'kennel/breeding/dog owning" name for as long as I can remember. (well, almost 30 years as our youngest is approaching 30! wow)

Steve is a self-employed, hard working graphic design artist and along with our son, Ryan, owns QSC. Ryan also has an office in Chicago; so they are both very busy, thankfully! I am a retired OB nurse who was fortunate enough to follow my dreams in becoming a respected dog breeder. Since we married, nearly 40 years ago, we've always owned dogs. I can't imagine my life dog-less.. Steve enjoys the dogs greatly, but animals have always been a passion of mine especially dogs.

Buying a puppy from a back yard breeder was the norm in the old days for us. We even bought a cat from a local pet store once. We didn't know any better! She was a nut case, but we loved her, the poor thing. I soon realized that there MUST be a better way to get a family dog, with some assurance the pet would be as healthy as possible. A family puppy that had health tested parents because that is the way you get healthy pups! A puppy from a reputable breeder that cared about the puppies they produced and the families that bought them. Being that kind of breeder was the way I wanted to go. Our puppies have never been 'cheap' but in this world you truly do get what you pay for most of the time. When you buy a puppy from ERAS, you are buying our expertise, our dedication, our help and assistance, our passion, and our reputation and honesty...not just a puppy. We are there for our puppy buyers for the life of their dog.

We love, love, love getting all the wonderful Christmas card pictures! It's our favorite thing. It may sound silly to some, but all of the pups we sell are thought of, by Steve and I as our 'grandpups' and we LOVE hearing how they are doing and enjoying the great pictures over the years.

While breeding dogs the right way is an expensive passion/hobby and is tons of work, it's always so rewarding to us to know we helped bring true joy to a great family by providing them with a healthy, happy puppy.

(L to R: Ryan, Erin and Adam)

You might like to know where we've come from as it will help explain where we are going.....

In 1998 we bought our first Havanese, from a long time Havanese breeder in TN. We named this adorable puppy Hailey and fell instantly in love with the breed. Within 18 months, we bought Dusty and soon after Molly. Both Dusty and Molly brought me into the exciting world of AKC dog showing. Steve and I met lots of people, made a few good friends and enjoyed spending many of our weekends traveling to dog shows to show our two dogs.

Both Dusty and Molly were my first two AKC champions and even finished on the same weekend! I loved them both dearly but realized they looked different from Hailey (who didn't like showing and preferred the couch potato life at home). I couldn't pinpoint what it was, as I didn't know enough about canine anatomy and conformation yet. From research done by my friend and mentor, Diane Klumb, it was discovered the Havanese breed was rampant with dwarfism or Chondrodysplasia. Dwarfism wasn't and never has been part of the Havanese breed standard! We were heartsick but knowing there were other health problems associated with 'CD", I neutered them both and basically 'started over'. I could not consciously breed dogs that could possibly produce puppies with certain health issues and certainly not a 'disease' that wasn't supposed to be there in the first place. It was disheartening and expensive to start over, but I was not discouraged!

Well, to make a long (years!) story short, we left the Havanese world behind (great move!) and started a new venture with the HSDAA and helped create the Havana Silk Dog... A non-cd "Havanese" with a special Russian dog (Charly) in many of the Silk Dog pedigrees, who has a Bolonka in his pedigree We succeeded in reaching our visual goal to a great degree... We now had dogs who had an easier to manage and prettier coat, a neck you could visibly see (grin) and longer, straight legs. ahhh sucess! Finally our dogs looked like they should look and even judges commented, that they NOW saw a true breed in front of them.... (and still hated and complained to us about judging AKC Havanese, as not one dog in the ring looked like the other! Ha! somethings never change).

We loved the dogs we created and the Silk Dog is/was beautiful and looks like a breed. Now..... You have to remember that Havanese started with just 8 dogs (EIGHT!) and once we broke away from the Havanese, our gene pool became even smaller. We knew this would happen but because we had hand selected our gene pool and we no longer had dwarf Havanese, we took the risk, knowing we were moving forward to a better dog and truly flourished to a point. The down side was, that within a few short years, Steve and I realized our puppies were becoming even more vaccine sensitive, to the point of it being life altering for some of our pups. We also had a few pups with anorexia and it was a struggle to get them to eat and grow. Our litter sizes were getting smaller, etc. The main thing that worried us however was the increasing reaction to vaccines. We were worried and once again heartsick for some of our pups and their owners, as our best efforts were still not up to what we wanted.

Even my own daughter's dog, Boji (whom I bred) was diagnosed with an immune disorder at a young age and died prematurely. It's one thing (and a very sad thing) to know you've hurt anyone or caused anyone any misery, because of a puppy you sold them, when you KNOW you've done your very best... but to have this happen to my own daughter, was just numbing for me. I was ready to give up completely and just have a stuffed animal as a pet! Well, not quite, but the thought DID cross my mind.

After more than a year long discussion and tons and tons of scientific research by Diane Klumb, a small handful of us decided the best thing for us to do was to open up our gene pool to create more genetic diversity and stronger immune systems. This is how we came to the place we are now, on an adventure, breeding Minidoodles. By taking our Silk Dogs (with generations and generations of health testing behind them) to carefully selected toy poodles, themselves creations of genetic diversity, we are creating a hybrid that we are calling the Island Minidoodle. The Island part is because the blend of the 4 breeds all have their origins from the Caribbean Islands and the doodle part is pretty self explanatory, plus it's cute! Our Island Mini Doodles are NOT the same thing as a Havapoo. We don't have any dwarfism in our lines and we have documented generations of health testing behind our Silk Dogs. Havanese and Silk Dogs are not the same thing.

Our iDoodles are completely portable (under 15 lbs), totally hypoallergenic (coming from two hypoallergenic breeds), low shedding, intelligent, loyal & very family friendly and oh so sweet! Breeding for health and temperament has always been our number one priority here, so putting Silk Dogs and poodles together was pretty much a no brainer for us once we realized what we were facing otherwise.

It is well documented that hybrids have a healthier immune system than purebred dogs. Just look at the Goldendoodle. The Golden Retriever is in seriously bad shape as a high percentage of pups from each litter will die of cancer before age 7. Goldendoodles, however, don't have a cancer problem in their breed. They've created a breed with hybrid vigor who is a very popular wonderful (big) dog for families. This is our goal as well. "Purity of breeds" is less important to most of us in the world anyway. It's only important to show breeders and show owners and sometimes at a great risk. Look around at the health issues of any purebred breed and you'll see what I saw.

I know this was a lot to read, and if you actually came this far, I thank you. It is not my intention to degrade the Havana Silk Dog, which I helped to create and love very much. We first fell in love with Havanese and that too is a wonderful breed, if bred right. But 'for us', this is the path that makes the most sense to us right now. Our journey is just beginning but I truly hope our dreams and goals for the future are what I feel they can and will be! As Martha would say, "It's a good thing!"

If you have questions or would like more information, please call me. I'm happy to discuss our new and exciting adventure!

We've done our homework and have not ventured onto this new path light heartedly. Breeders have a responsibility to to all of their puppy buyers, which is do the very best they know how to do, to NOT break anyone's hearts. That has always been our mission and goal here at ERAS, as we've always taken our jobs as breeders very seriously.

(Summer-2012)We are so excited as our first litters (from friends in FL) of iDoodles are bringing in great reports!
By 4 weeks, all 3 litters were nearly 100% reliable with the potty pads! Four weeks! Wow!
All the pups are showing high intelligence and a real cleanliness for their surroundings.
They know their names, are retrieving and are happy, healthy little pups! As some of them
are getting ready for their new homes already, we are so anxious to hear from all the new owners
what they think about living with this wonderful new breed. Everyone's excited!

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