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What is an iDoodle?? (lots of iDoodle Pictures!)

Welcome to ERAS
The home of the Mini Island Dog (the iDoodle!)

You may be more familiar with the term "Havapoo"
and thats ok, but we wanted to give our sweet hybrid breed a fresh new name
so we call them iDoodles. Cuter!

We hope to have a planned litter this summer/fall.
Our list can fill up quickly so don't wait too long
if you are interested in a puppy then.

We are from Bourbonnais, IL and have many pups placed in great homes throughout the Chicagoland area
(but also in many states far and near; all over the US).
In July of 2018, we moved across the country to Mesa, AZ to be near our grandloves and other family members.
While we may not be 'that close' to you, in Chicago any longer, we do occasionally
travel back to IL (and can possibly bring a puppy or two with us). And if not, we are only a flight away, from wherever you may live.
We will never place one of our precious pups in the cargo of a plane, but most airlines allow you to fly with the puppy,
in a soft pet carrier, in the cabin with you. So, if you are wanting that perfect family dog, give me a call!

If you are looking for a small mini doodle (under 20 lbs))...
...a friendly, happy, non-shedding, usually hypoallergenic dog for your family,
who is intelligent and easy to train, loyal and truly adorable, you have come to the right place!
The Island Mini Doodle is all that and more!

We hope you'll take the time to browse around and get to know more about this hybrid breed,
we lovingly refer to as the iDoodle ( short for Mini Island Doodle).

We have been successfully involved in loving, owning, showing and breeding Havanese and "Havana Silk Dogs" since 1998,
and have produced many champions and even Group winning and top ranked show dogs over the years.
Most of our beautiful pups have gone on to wonderful and loving pet homes though,
living in the lap of luxury and contentment.

What is an iDoodle? It's the smallest doodle, first of all
and a hybrid breed, meaning his creation was and is
intentional and thought out for important reasons.
An iDoodle is the offspring of an Havana Silk Dog and a toy poodle.

Now, you may be wondering why we've decided to breed 'mini doodles', after such a successful career in Havanese and Silk Dogs. The simple fact is, we want to be able to produce puppies with great temperaments PLUS that great hybrid vigor, because THAT is what is most important to us: health and temperament!

Truthfully, I've never really been a big fan of the so called 'designer dogs' because I never saw much sense in it, well... until now that is. Most likely due to small gene pools, both the Havanese and the Havana Silk Dog are a vaccine sensitive breed. European and American Havanese pretty much all have the same ancestors. The gene pool has always been historically small! What's worse, the Havanese is now considered a dwarf breed . (Google Heidi Parker: Havanese to read her scientific paper on the subject). It was not originally a dwarf breed, but over the years it has become one unfortunately. And along with this dwarfism or Chondryodysplasia, can come other serious health issues like juvenile cataracts, and liver and heart issues to name a few.

In a conscious decision to never breed CD (dwarf) dogs, we left the Havanese world behind, with a large group of other concerned owners and breeders and the Havana Silk Dog Association of America was formed. Steve and I were both charter members and helped with input on the club deliberations, the standard, our goals as a club, etc. It was a smart move, to consciously erradicate a disease from our breed that we loved. Unfortunately, our even more limited gene pool started showing some signs of an even more fragile immune system.

This posed a great worry to us as breeders regarding the future of our breed we love so much. The signs of 'inbreeding depression" weren't okay with us; but what to do about it became the bigger question. We weren't ready to 'throw in the towel' and were/are still interested in trying to produce beautiful, healthy puppies for deserving families.

To make a long story short, after lots of research and discussion with some long time, experienced breeders and friends, all sharing the same concerns, we decided the best thing for us to do was to 'go out' for some new, different genes to open up our gene pool. Our small group of breeders consists of long standing AKC breeders with years and years of experience who have produced many AKC champions, AKC Group winning dogs, Field Trial dogs, National Specialty winners, Westminster winner... etc. etc. Even with all of our knowledge and experience however, we found ourselves trapped with this small gene pool. A toy dog with a healthy immune system should live a long happy life, but when the immune system becomes compromised, all sorts of 'bad' things can happen, such as Hypothyroidism, Cushings Disease, Diabetes, liver disease and even cancer, to name a few! A lot of research in hybrid vigor in other species and even in other dogs (Goldendoodles for one) was researched diligently. We looked at every possible way to do this the 'best' way. Because of all we've learned, we have decided to open up our gene pool by bringing in some totally new genes, thus creating a dog with much more robust vitality and hybrid vigor; and creating the Island Mini-doodle, or a TRUE Mini Doodle. A hybrid is not a mutt. A hybrid, is when both parents are known and are both purebred, but of different breeds. A mutt or mongrel is a combination of all kinds of breeds and usually the breeds (ancestors) are unknown.

Taking the Silk Dog/Havanese with generations of health testing behind them, and carefully selecting our toy poodles, we are purposefully and deliberately
giving our pups a better chance by creating puppies with hybrid vigor and a healthier immune system. Their looks and temperament, from a Silk Dog, are not THAT different at all,
which is one of the reasons we chose the toy poodle for our cross. We chose the name "Island Mini Doodle" because the breeds that make up our "iDoodles" or minidoodles all have their earliest roots
from the Caribbean Islands.

I've always loved purebred dogs, but I've come to realize that there are just too many health issues with most (all?) purebred breeds. Generalized health testing (which we've always done on our breeding dogs) just simply has not been enough! I've been a show breeder for years, and worked diligently to breed the best that I knew how! In the old days, new breeds were brought into the mix often, to correct things that needed correcting, or to simply bring in some new genes for more gene diversity within a breed. This "old" practice, is in fact, why today, we have so many different breeds. Almost all purebreds were made from mixing breeds, somewhere at some time! Yet this pracitce of bringing in new genes in, isn't "accepted" anymore in the dog world. It's 'okay' in the horse world and even the cat world, but in the dog world you get so much prejudicial flack about it. That is a true mystery to me now. The 'purist' mentality just doesn't make sense to me, if you are talking about some serious health concerns within a breed that can't be fixed without 'going out' for new genes. We love the Silk Dog and always will. But I don't want my puppy buyers having to suffer through expensive Vet bills and watching their pup/dog get sick just because he got his rabies vaccine, or to develop an autoimmune disease (cancer included!) because his immune system couldn't handle required vaccines or the use of Frontline, etc. That is so not fair to anyone, especially the innocent dog.

As Oprah likes to say, "When you know better.... you can do better."

We are very excited about our adventure, because as I said, our goal has always been to produce the healthiest and happiest puppies we possibly can, for caring, deserving families. "Mixing" two exceptional breeds who are both hypoallergenic, both of high intelligence, and are small enough to sit on your lap or fly in the cabin of a plane with you and are great family dogs for adults as well as children, is a win/win opportunity. Our pups will come with certification papers and our great health guarantee, which we've always provided for all of our puppies.

If you have questions or would like more information, please call me. I'm happy to discuss iDoodles!

The waiting list for our puppies can vary, depending on what litters we have planned, etc. To see the availability of upcoming or current puppies, please click on our "puppy" link above and/or below.

We do not ship puppies!

You must be able to come to our home to pick up your puppy, or some occasions
we may be able to bring it to Midway Airport for you (because we still have family there and many of our pups live in Chicago!)
But coming to AZ, especially in the winter, can be a great escape for you! :) Most airlines will allow you to travel with your puppy in a soft crate in the cabin with you under your seat. That is the only way our pups can fly.

About Us|Our Dogs|Puppies!|iDoodle FAQ|Food For Thought

What is an iDoodle??

Margie & Steve

(formerly from Bourbonnais, IL)

We have moved to Mesa, Arizona!

If you'd like to inquire about a puppy from us in the future,
please drop me an email!

Or you may call us. Our phone number is: 480-687-0617.

Email me at:

Our puppies are all raised on "NuVet Vitamins"

Click Here To Order NuVet Plus Or Call 800-474-7044, Code: 97811

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